Pan Am Completes Key Bridgework to Enable 286k

With the recent completion of two bridge superstructure replacement projects, Pan Am was able to open key segments of our rail network to handling 286,000 lb. railcars.

Bridge #83.10 over the Millers River in Athol, MA, built in 1916, was the last remaining bridge on the Pan Am Southern mainline where a 286k normal rating could not be achieved at any speed.  Pan Am’s Design & Construction Department designed a replacement structure for this 2 span bridge, Casco Bay Steel fabricated the new steel bridge, and CPM Constructors installed the new bridge.  Pan Am’s mainline track was thrown over to the unused second span of the bridge to enable the new bridge installation to occur over the course of 4 weeks, and then thrown back onto the new bridge to complete the project.  With this bridge replacement, 286k railcars can now traverse the entire PAS mainline from Mechanicville (and Rotterdam Junction) to Ayer.

Bridge #91.15 over Martin Stream in Fairfield, ME, is the only bridge on the Hinckley Branch.  The 64 ft. long single span, single track bridge was built in 1889, and was fabricated out of wrought iron.  Since it is a single span bridge, a 4 day track outage was planned to remove the old bridge, repair the bridge abutments, and install the new bridge span.  Pan Am’s Design & Construction Department designed the new bridge structure, Casco Bay Steel fabricated it, and Wyman & Simpson installed it successfully within the planned outage.  Maine DOT funded half of the project via an IRAP Grant.  With this bridge replacement, the SAPPI paper mill in Shawmut, ME can now ship and receive 286k railcars via Pan Am’s network.