Carman / Roadman

Waterville, ME

Applicants must possess a high level of mechanical aptitude, ability, qualifications, training and experience to inspect, repair, and maintain freight and passenger rail cars and facilities in accordance with all federal and state regulations and company policies, in addition to all other duties that may be assigned. 

Class “B” CDL license Required.

Email resume to: Russell St. Hilaire 
Or mail resume to:
Russell St, Hilaire
Car Dept.
55 College St
Waterville, ME 04901

CERtified locomotive engineers

Mechanicville, NY

Deerfield, MA

Ayer, MA

Qualified candidates will be responsible for operating diesel electric locomotives, interpret train orders, train signals and railroad rules and regulations to transport freight trains in a safe manner.

  • Inspects locomotive for operational readiness by making FRA and Company required checks and tests.

  • Receives train consist which provides the physical make-up of train and includes weights, lengths, location of loads and empties, and cars requiring special handling.

  • Applies knowledge of territory, including terrain, grades, curves, and grade crossings, in order to give prescribed warning signals and to otherwise operate the train in a safe manner.

  • Complies with train orders, train signals, radio communications and railroad rules and regulations to operate the locomotive in an efficient and safe manner.

  • Confers with conductor or train dispatcher by radio to give or receive information and to give instructions concerning stops, delays or oncoming trains.

  • Notifies proper authorities and prepares reports to explain accidents, unscheduled stops or delays.

  • Requirements:

    • Dependable individuals with strong work ethics and a clean work history.

    • Must be available to work varied hours/days: Nights, weekends and holidays.

    • Must have minimum one year conductor experience. Railroad experience a must.

    Send resume to:
    Pan Am Railways
    Robert Doherty
    Transportation Dept
    1700 Iron Horse Park
    N. Billerica, MA 01862

    or email resumes to: Nick Brickley

Candidates will:

  1. Place cars to facilitate loading and unloading and the makeup and breakdown of trains in a rail yard, industrial plant, or similar locations.

  2. Ensure compliance with all train orders, signals, and railroad rules and regulations for safety, operations, and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

  3. Comprehend and review instructions from dispatchers and supervisors and discuss with locomotive engineer and train crew.

  4. Inspect all equipment on cars prior to departures.

  5. Receive and transmit information by radio and telephone.

  6. Read and understand bulletins, work orders, and switch lists.

  7. Couple and uncouple cars, operate switches, and make minor repairs to railcars, including replacing heavy couplings or air brake hoses.

  8. Work with customers to ensure accurate placement and movement of cars.

  9. Maintain awareness of surrounding area and suspicious activity to ensure rail safety.

  10. Quickly and repeatedly make precise adjustments in moving the controls of a machine or vehicle to exact positions.

  11. Comprehend color and/or hand signals and systems.

*Previous conductor experience is preferred.

Send resume to:
Pan Am Railways
Robert Doherty
Transportation Dept
1700 Iron Horse Park
N. Billerica, MA 01862

or email resumes to: Nick Brickley

Freight Conductor

Portland, ME

Waterville, ME

Deerfield, MA

Ayer, MA


North Billerica, MA

Pan Am Railways is seeking Train Dispatcher candidates to fill openings in the North Billerica, MA Operations Control Center. Train Dispatchers are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of trains and the protection of on-track maintenance activities. This is a shift work position and you must be available to work at any time in a 24 hour/365 day environment. Employment contingent upon passing pre-employment drug and alcohol screen. Also, contingent upon receiving a favorable background check.

Duties include:

  • Direct railroad operations in compliance with all operating rules, procedures, and Federal Railroad Administration Safety Regulations.

  • Safely coordinate train movements by issuing authorities, operating remote control switches and signals, and maintaining accurate records.

  • Communicate with train crews, managers and other operating personnel.

  • Plan railroad operations and coordinate Engineering Department maintenance activities.

Qualifications: Qualified candidates must be highly motivated with strong critical thinking capabilities. Attention to detail and excellent verbal comprehension and communication skills are required. In addition, ideal candidates will have the following attributes:

  • Follow procedures and protocols to support a safety oriented work environment.

  • Communicate clearly by radio, telephone and in person.

  • Must be able to prioritize and make clear decisions in a fast paced environment.

  • Strong computer skills.

  • Previous railroad experience preferred.

Interested Candidates should reply to: 

Pan Am Railways
Josh Meuse
1700 Iron Horse Park
N. Billerica, MA 01862

or send resume to: Josh Meuse


East Deerfield, MA

Duties: Assist in implementing policy and the execution of the operating plan. Supervise operating employees and plan daily train and switching operations consistent with safety and efficiency. Conduct operations tests and safety meetings. Monitor and control costs to meet goals. Investigate accidents and injuries. Ensure compliance with company and Federal Safety requirements. Supervise train, engine, and yard crews for safe and efficient operation. Identify problems and develop plans to achieve improved operations. Ensure compliance with company's safety policies, operating rules, union agreements, and Government regulations. Position will require shift, holiday, and weekend work.

Qualifications: Prior Supervisory or Conductor experience in yard and/or road operations is preferred. Must possess a working knowledge of operating rules and union agreements applicable to the T&E crafts, and Code of Federal Regulations Part 240. Individual must also possess leadership and organizational skills as well as excellent working knowledge of day-to-day railroad operations and practices. Position requires a motivated, self-directed individual with excellent organizational skills and a strong work ethic. Must have ability to supervise and work with people, strong communication skills, including one-on-one and in groups. Must be safety conscious and able to support and contribute to a strong safety oriented work environment.

Interested Candidates should reply to: 

Pan Am Railways
Andrew Jacobs
1700 Iron Horse Park
N. Billerica, MA 01862

or send resume to: Andrew Jacobs

Duties inclulde assisting with the installation of various types of wayside signal and grade crossing warning systems. Must be able to work in a team environment. A background in Electrical and/or electronics is preferred but not required. Must have class B CDL or acquire within a reasonable amount of time. Candidates should possess a strong mechanical aptitude, have the ability to lift 50 pounds, climb ladders, poles and perform other related signal construction duties as assigned.

Interested Candidates should reply to: 

Pan Am Railways
Dave Ropple
1700 Iron Horse Park
N. Billerica, MA 01862

or send resume to: Dave Ropple

assistant signalman

East Deerfield, MA

Applicants must possess a high level of mechanical aptitude, ability, qualifications, and training. Job functions include inspection, repair and maintenance of diesel locomotives and facilities in accordance with all applicable federal and state regulations, company policies, in addition to all other duties that may be assigned. Experience with locomotives a plus.

Deerfield Resumes
Dan Truehart
38 Railroad Yard Rd.
Deerfield, MA 01342

send resume to:  Dan Truehart

Waterville Resumes
Mark Gray
55 College Ave
Waterville, ME 04901
send resume to:  Mark Gray

Diesel Locomotive eletrician

East Deerfield, MA & Waterville, ME    

Crew dispatcher

North Billerica, MA

Pan Am Railways is currently hiring a crew dispatcher. Qualified candidates will be responsible for scheduling and calling train and engine service employees to work in accordance with labor agreements. This position requires open availability and the candidate may be required to work varying shifts, including first, second and third, nights, weekends and/or holidays.

Description of duties:

• Evaluate and monitor train and engine service activity and adjust the train and engine service workforce levels as required to meet service demands

• Qualified applicants will contact individual crew members (including conductors and engineers) and direct them to their assigned trains

• Assist in all activities which support the operation of the train and engine crew management, including crew lodging, transportation, and job assignments to ensure that train positions are filled to operate the railroad in a safe and efficient manner

• Must know the federal hours of service requirement for crew members

• Ensure compliance with all railroad rules and regulations

Required skills:

• Analysis and problem assessment: identify and resolve problems in a timely manner

• Interpersonal/communication skills: focus on solving conflict; speaks and writes clearly and listens to get clarification

• Able to handle stressful situations in a calm demeanor

• Able to work in potentially confrontational circumstances and remain professional

• Process data, complete reports and any other assigned tasks

• Teamwork: balances work individually and with a team

• Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, co-workers, and crew members

• Attendance and punctuality: must be on-time, alert and ready to work

• Motivation: demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles

• Must have outstanding problem solving skills and analytical data interpretation skills

• Ability to prioritize tasks in a fast-paced environment

• Verbal comprehension (ability to understand both oral and written communications)

• Database and computer skills

Education requirements:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

Preferred work experience:

At least two years work experience in a professional business environment, preferably on the railroad or in a transportation office. Although having a working knowledge of day-to-day railroad operations is preferable, it’s not a requirement.

Job location:

North Billerica, MA

Position type:


Mail resumes to:

Joshua Meuse

Pan Am Railways 1700 Iron Horse Park

North Billerica, MA 01862

Email (*preferred method): Josh Meuse


No. Billerica, MA.

New England’s largest railroad is seeking a motivated Civil Engineer for a challenging career in railroad management. Responsibilities include managing civil engineering projects along the railroad right-of-way through design and construction. Must have a B.S. in Civil Engineering, strong leadership and organizational skills with a background in structures or land development. Competitive salary and great benefits.

Postion Type:
Mail Resume to:
Ted Krug, Engineering Department
Pan Am Railways
1700 Iron Horse Park
No. Billerica, MA. 01862
Email(*preferred method) Ted Krug