Pan Am Railways is North America's largest regional railroad system. PAR's routes stretch from Saint John, New Brunswick to New York's Capital District.

PAR consists of the Springfield Terminal (ST) and Pan Am Southern (PAS). A haulage agreement with the Irving family of railroads extends ST's reach into Northern Maine and New Brunswick. The combined system, including haulage rights, totals approximately 1700 route-miles. PAR's connections include all four eastern Class I systems (CN, CP, CSX, NS) as well as over 20 regional and short line railroads. Primary commodities handled include grain, coal, sand and gravel, food products, lumber, paper and pulp, chemicals and plastics, petroleum, processed minerals, metals, scrap metal, finished automobiles and intermodal trailers and containers.

Pan Am entered the rail business in 1981 when the company, then known as Guilford Transportation Industries, purchased the Maine Central Railroad (MEC). In 1983,  GTI purchased the bankrupt Boston & Maine (B&M). In 1998 GTI purchased Pan Am Airways from bankruptcy and revived the airline. In 2006 the railroad was rebranded as Pan Am as well. Today the railroad is more vibrant than ever, succeeding in a region where many rail operators have failed, by making sound investments and a focus on the long term.